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Product Name Model Price  
1GB Micro SD Card1GBMicroSDR99.00
2GB Micro SD Card2GBMicroSDR199.00
32GB Micro SD Card32GBMicroSDR499.00
4GB Micro SD Card4GBMicroSDR299.00
8GB Micro SD Card8GBMicroSDR399.00
Altech Node Home Entertainment SystemNodeR1,850.00
Altech Node Infrared Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance Cameranode-cam1R2,999.00
Altech Node Node Indoor Surveillance Cameranodecam2R2,999.00
Altech Node ZigBee Occupancy SensorNodeSensor1R699.00
Altech Node ZigBee Smart PlugsmartplugR399.00
Apple iPad 4 with Retina Display WiFi + Cellular 128GBiPad4-64GBR10,499.99
Apple iPad 4 with Retina Display WiFi + Cellular 16GBiPad4-16GBR6,999.99
Apple iPad 4 with Retina Display WiFi + Cellular 32GBiPad4-32GBR7,999.99
Apple iPad 4 with Retina Display WiFi + Cellular 64GBiPad4-64GBR9,999.00
Apple iPad Air 2 Cellular + WiFi 128GB GoldAir2128GB-GR15,999.00
Apple iPad Air 2 Cellular + WiFi 128GB SilverAir2128GB-SilR15,999.00
Apple iPad Air 2 Cellular + WiFi 128GB Space GreyAir2128GBR15,999.00
Apple iPad Air 2 Cellular + WiFi 16GB GoldAir216GB-GR13,999.00
Apple iPad Air 2 Cellular + WiFi 16GB SilverAir216GB-SilR13,999.00
Apple iPad Air 2 Cellular + WiFi 16GB Space GreyAir216GBR13,999.00
Apple iPad Air 2 Cellular + WiFi 64GB GoldAir264GB-GR14,999.00
Apple iPad Air 2 Cellular + WiFi 64GB SilverAir264GB-SilR14,999.00
Apple iPad Air 2 Cellular + WiFi 64GB Space GreyAir264GBR14,999.00
Apple iPad Air WiFi + Cellular 128GBAir128GBR12,899.99
Apple iPad Air WiFi + Cellular 16GBAir16GBR7,999.00
Apple iPad Air WiFi + Cellular 32GBAir32GBR9,950.00
Apple iPad Air WiFi + Cellular 64GBAir64GBR10,999.00
Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi + Cellular 16GBmini16R5,999.99
Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi + Cellular 32GBmini32R6,999.00
Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi + Cellular 64GBmini64R8,999.00
Apple iPad Smart Cover Greysmart-cover-gR699.00
Apple iPad Smart Cover Orangesmart-cover-oR899.00
Apple iPad Smart Cover Pinksmart-cover-pinkR699.00
Apple iPhone 5 64GBi564GBR8,999.99
Apple iPhone 5 Covercover1R399.00
Apple iPhone 5c Blue 16GB5C-BlueR6,899.99
Apple iPhone 5c Green 16GB5C-GreenR6,899.99
Apple iPhone 5c Pink 16GB5C-PinkR6,899.99
Apple iPhone 5c White 16GB5C-WhiteR6,899.99
Apple iPhone 5c Yellow 16GB5C-YellowR6,899.99
Apple iPhone 5S Gold 16GB5S-16GB-GR8,399.00
Apple iPhone 5S Gold 32GB5S-32GB-GR9,599.00
Apple iPhone 5S Gold 64GB5S-64GB-GR10,899.00
Apple iPhone 5S Silver 16GB5S-16GB-SLR8,399.00
Apple iPhone 5S Silver 32GB5S-32GB-SLR9,599.00
Apple iPhone 5S Silver 64GB5S-64GB-SLR10,899.00
Apple iPhone 5S Space Gray 16GB5S-16GB-SGR8,399.00
Apple iPhone 5S Space Gray 32GB5S-32GB-SGR9,599.00
Apple iPhone 5S Space Gray 64GB5S-64GB-SGR10,899.00
Apple iPhone 6 128GB GoldiPhone6-128GBR13,999.00
Apple iPhone 6 128GB SilveriPhone6-128GBR13,999.00
Apple iPhone 6 128GB Space GreyiPhone6-128GBR13,999.00
Apple iPhone 6 16GB GoldiPhone6-16GBR10,899.00
Apple iPhone 6 16GB SilveriPhone6-16GBR10,899.00
Apple iPhone 6 16GB Space GreyiPhone6-16GBR10,899.00
Apple iPhone 6 64GB GoldiPhone6-64GBR12,799.00
Apple iPhone 6 64GB SilveriPhone6-64GBR12,799.00
Apple iPhone 6 64GB Space GreyiPhone6-64GBR12,799.00
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB GoldiPhone6P-128GR16,499.99
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB SilveriPhone6P-128SLR16,499.99
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB Space GreyiPhone6P-128GBR16,499.99
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB GoldiPhone6P-16GR13,999.99
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB SilveriPhone6P-16SLR13,999.99
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Space GreyiPhone6P-16GBR13,999.99
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB GoldiPhone6P-64GR15,499.99
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB SilveriPhone6P-64SLR15,499.99
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Space GreyiPhone6P-64GBR15,499.99
Apple TV - Network Audio/Video PlayerAppleTV1R1,499.00
BlackBerry 97209720R2,599.99
BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900BB9900R4,899.99
BlackBerry Charging Pod for PlayBook6A39A8103R899.00
BlackBerry Charging Pod for Torch 9800ASY-14396-013R599.00
Blackberry ClassicClassicR6,995.00
BlackBerry Curve 92209220R1,999.00
BlackBerry Curve 93209320R2,499.00
BlackBerry Curve 9320 White9320WR2,499.00
BlackBerry HS-300 Bluetooth HeadsetACC-25937-002R750.00
BlackBerry Leather Folio Case BlackbbcasebR399.00
BlackBerry Leather Folio Case PinkbbcasepR399.00
BlackBerry Leather Holster for Torch 9800HDW-31012-001R399.00
BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Torch 9800HDW-31013-001R399.00
BlackBerry Leather Sleeve for PlayBookACC-39311-301R899.00
Blackberry PassportPassportR8,899.99
Blackberry Playbook Bluetooth Keyboard CasePlaybook-CaseR950.00
BlackBerry PlayBook Journal CaseACC-40278-301R699.00
BlackBerry Playbook Rapid Wall ChargerPBRapidR799.00
BlackBerry Porsche DesignP9981R19,950.00
Blackberry Q10Q10R4,995.00
BlackBerry Q5Q5R3,999.00
Blackberry Rapid ChargerR799.99
BlackBerry Travel Charger for PlayBook5A17A8102R899.00
BlackBerry Z10Z10R2,999.99
Blackberry Z3Z3R3,199.00
Blackberry Z30Z30R5,999.00
Caterpillar B100CATB100R8,999.00
Caterpillar B15CATB15R7,999.00
Dell StreakStreakR9,499.00
Econet Buddie Sim CardbuddieR985.00
Galaxy S 4 Standard BatteryEB-B600BUBR450.00
Google Glass - Blackglass-blackR26,995.00
HP IPAQ 6515IPAQ6515R4,500.00
HP iPAQ 6915iPAQ6915R3,999.99
HTC Desire EyeDesire-EyeR7,999.00
HTC One M8M8R7,999.00
HTC One M8 EyeM8-EyeR9,999.00
HTC One Minione-miniR5,499.00
HTC One X1XR5,899.00
HUAWEI 3G WiFi Router E5331E5331R999.00
Huawei Ascend Mate7Mate7R6,999.00
Huawei Ascend P6 BlackP6R4,699.00
Huawei Ascend P7Ascend P7R5,999.00
Huawei E3131 USB modeme3131R899.00
Huawei IDEOS S7 SlimIDEOS S7 SlimR4,200.00
Huawei MediapadMediapadR4,999.00
Huawei MediaPad 7 LiteMediaPad 7R2,599.00
iPad Keyboard DockiPadKDR999.99
Ipod 2GB Shuffle2GBR699.00
iPod Nano 6th Generation 16GB (Multi Touch Interface)nano6-16gbR2,039.00
iPod Nano 6th Generation 8GB (Multi Touch Interface)nano6-8gbR1,539.00
iPod Touch 4th Generation 32GB (2011 version)Ipodtouch32R3,250.00
iPod Touch 4th Generation 64GB (2011 version)Ipodtouch64R4,150.00
iPod Touch 4th Generation 8GB (2011 version)Ipodtouch8R2,250.00
Lenovo IdeaTab A3000A3000R2,599.00
Levis LS01LevisLS01R6,500.00
LG G2G2R6,999.00
LG G3G3R8,999.00
Microsoft Surface Tablet 32GBSurface32R8,299.00
Microsoft Surface Tablet Pro 128GBSurfaceProR16,999.00
MOTORAZR2 V9 Ferrari Special EditionFerrariV9R5,750.00
Motorola Droid RAZRXT912R7,299.00
Motorola FLIPOUTflpoutR3,499.99
Motorola M1000M1000R3,500.00
Motorola MilestonedroidR5,499.99
Motorola MILESTONE 2Milestone XT720R6,999.00
Motorola MILESTONE XT720MILESTONE XT720R6,299.00
Motorola Moto GGR5,499.99
Motorola MOTOKEY XT EX118EX118R2,799.00
Motorola MOTOKRZR K3MOTOKRZR-K3R2,299.99
Motorola MOTOZINE ZN5Motorola ZN5R4,500.00
Motorola RAZR MAXXMAXXR6,450.00
Motorola RAZR V6 MAXXRAZRV6MAXXR3,399.00
Motorola RAZR2 V8MotorolaV8R3,500.00
Motorola RAZR2 V9MotorolaV9R4,500.00
Motorola RAZR2 V9RAZR2-V9R4,950.00
Motorola ROKR E8ROKRE8R3,900.00
Motorola T190T190R650.00
Motorola U6 PebbleMotorolaU6R1,599.99
Motorola U9MotorolaU9R1,999.99
Motorola V3V3R1,450.00
Motorola V3 blueV3BlueR1,950.00
Motorola V3 GoldMV3GR2,950.00
Motorola V3 Pinkv3pinkR1,549.99
Motorola V3 RAZR BlackBlackRAZR-V3R1,299.00
Motorola V300MV300R1,950.00
Motorola V360MotorolaV360R1,150.00
Motorola V3iMV3iR1,499.99
Motorola V3i Dolce and GabbanaMV3iDGR3,200.00
Motorola V3xMV3XR1,299.00
Motorola V500V500R2,250.00
Motorola V6 Maxx FerrariV6Max-FerrariR1,699.99
Motorola V600v600R1,800.00
Motorola V8Moto-V8R3,900.00
Motorola V80V80R1,750.00
Motorola XOOM 2XOOM 2R6,299.00
Motorola Xoom 3G 16GBXoom-Tablet3GR6,699.99
Motorola Xoom WiFi 16GBXoom-TabletR4,499.99
Motorola Xoom WiFi 32GBXoom32GBR5,499.99
Motorola Z6MotorolaZ6R999.00
Motorola Z8Motorola-Z8R4,599.00
Motorola Z8 FERRARIZ8FERRARIR7,599.00
Nintendo Wii SportsNintendoWiiR3,199.99
Nintendo Wii SportsNintendoWiiR2,999.99
Nokia 101101R399.00
Nokia 105105R279.99
Nokia 113113R950.00
Nokia 503503R999.00
Nokia 5230Nokia 5230R1,550.00
Nokia 5310Nokia5310R1,350.00
Nokia 5800 XpressMusicNokia 5800R2,250.00
Nokia Asha 200200R799.99
Nokia Asha 201201R749.99
Nokia Asha 202202R999.00
Nokia Asha 203203R999.00
Nokia Asha 205205R789.99
Nokia Asha 206Asha206R799.00
Nokia Asha 210210R1,139.00
Nokia Asha 301301R1,139.00
Nokia Asha 302302R1,299.00
Nokia Asha 303Asha303R1,199.99
Nokia Asha 305asha-305R1,299.00
Nokia Asha 306306R979.00
Nokia Asha 308308R999.00
Nokia Asha 309309R949.00
Nokia Asha 310310R2,999.00
Nokia Asha 311311R995.00
Nokia Asha 501asha501R1,499.00
Nokia Asha 515515R2,599.00
Nokia BL-4BBL-4BR450.00
Nokia BL-4CBL-4CR450.00
Nokia BL-4CTBL-4CTR480.00
Nokia BL-5BBL-5BR420.00
Nokia BL-5CBL-5CR450.00
Nokia BL-5FBL-5FR450.00
Nokia BL-5XBL-5XR500.00
Nokia Booklet 3GBooklet 3GR8,999.00
Nokia C1 Dual SimC1R799.99
Nokia C1-01C1-01R599.00
Nokia C2 Dual SIMC2-00R999.00
Nokia C2-02c2-02R799.99
Nokia C2-03C2-03R1,699.00
Nokia C2-05C2-05R699.00
Nokia C3-01 Touch and TypeC3-01R1,899.99
Nokia C5-03C5-03R1,650.00
Nokia C6Nokia C6R2,650.00
Nokia C6-01C6-01R1,879.99
Nokia Garmin Mobile 10nokiagps10R2,199.00
Nokia Lumia 10201020R6,499.00
Nokia Lumia 15201520R7,999.00
Nokia Lumia 2520 TabletLumia 2520R11,995.00
Nokia Lumia 510Lumia-510R1,799.99
Nokia Lumia 520Lumia 520R1,899.00
Nokia Lumia 525525R2,999.00
Nokia Lumia 610610R1,789.99
Nokia Lumia 620Lumia-620R2,995.00
Nokia Lumia 625625R3,399.99
Nokia Lumia 630630R2,499.00
Nokia Lumia 710710R2,599.99
Nokia Lumia 720720R3,799.99
Nokia Lumia 820820R5,999.00
Nokia Lumia 900lumia900R3,850.00
Nokia Lumia 920Lumia920R5,850.00
Nokia Lumia 925925R5,999.00
Nokia N70 Music EditionN70MER2,499.99
Nokia N71NokiaN71R2,999.99
Nokia N72Nokia N72R2,500.00
Nokia N73NOKIAN73R2,899.99
Nokia N73 Music EditionN73MusicEdR2,999.99
Nokia N75Nokia-N75R5,799.00
Nokia N76N76R3,850.00
Nokia N82Nokia N82R3,699.99
Nokia N85Nokia N85R3,200.00
Nokia N86 8MPN86R3,599.99
Nokia N9 BlackN9BlackR2,899.99
Nokia N90N90R2,899.99
Nokia N900N900R3,999.00
Nokia N91 Music EditionN91MusicEdR4,300.00
Nokia N92N92R8,500.00
Nokia N93nokiaN93R5,500.00
Nokia N93iNokia-N93iR6,250.00
Porsche Design P9521P9521R19,950.00
Redbull 3G HSDPA Modem 21MBredbull-modemR699.00
Samsung Ativ SP8510R5,999.99
Samsung car charger with micro USBACADU10R299.00
Samsung Galaxy A3SM-A300R4,899.00
Samsung Galaxy A5A500HR6,399.00
Samsung Galaxy Alpha 32GB BlackSM-G850R8,999.00
Samsung Galaxy ChatB5330R1,499.00
Samsung Galaxy FameS6810R2,899.00
Samsung Galaxy GearGearR3,199.00
Samsung Galaxy Gear S Blue BlackSM-R750R5,799.99
Samsung Galaxy GrandI9082R5,499.00
Samsung Galaxy Grand NeoGrand-NeoR4,599.00
Samsung Galaxy K zoomK zoomR7,799.00
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3I9200R6,899.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)SM-P601R8,999.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 16GB (2014 Edition)SM-P601-16GBR6,999.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 32GBN900R6,999.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 32GB GoldN900GoldR6,999.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE 32GBN9005R8,999.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pink 32GBN900PR9,499.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Flip Cover - Blacknote 3 coverR699.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 32GBNote4R9,999.00
Samsung Galaxy Note EdgeSM-N915R12,999.00
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 3GSM-P901R11,999.00
Samsung Galaxy S 4 S-View Flip Cover - BlackEF-CI950BBR699.00
Samsung Galaxy S3 16GBi9300R4,200.00
Samsung Galaxy S3 32GBGT-I9300R6,299.00
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini 8GBi8190R1,999.00
Samsung Galaxy S4 MiniI9190R3,399.00
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini DUOSGT-I9192R5,750.00
Samsung GALAXY S5 16GB LTESM-G900FR7,999.00
Samsung GALAXY S5 32GB BlackSM-G900HR6,999.00
Samsung GALAXY S5 Black 32GBSM-G900HR6,999.00
Samsung Galaxy S5 Black DuosS5-DuosBlackR7,999.00
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini BlackG800HR4,999.00
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini BlueG800HR6,999.99
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Dual Sim BlackG800 DualR5,999.00
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini WhiteG800HR4,999.00
Samsung GALAXY S5 Shimmery White 32GBSM-G900HR6,899.00
Samsung Galaxy S5 White DuosS5-DuosR7,999.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 16GBGT-P5200-16R4,999.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 32GBGT-P5200R6,599.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 WiFiT211R4,599.00
Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 10.1 16GBT531R6,999.00
Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 8GBT231R4,999.00
Samsung Galaxy TrendtrendR2,299.00
Samsung Galaxy Trend PlusS7580R2,499.00
Samsung Galaxy YS5360R1,999.00
Samsung Gear 2GEAR2R4,799.99
Samsung Gear FitGear FitR3,999.00
SAMSUNG GT-S5150 DIVA FOLDER 2010 SilverGT-S5150DfSILVR3,500.00
Samsung Pusha FMGT-E1205TR399.00
Sony Ericsson AinoAinoR2,150.00
Sony Ericsson SatiosatioR3,899.99
Sony Ericsson VivazVivazR2,499.99
Sony Ericsson Vivaz ProVivazPR3,499.99
Sony Ericsson X10X10R5,250.00
Sony Ericsson XPERIA ArcArcR3,099.99
Sony Ericsson Xperia NeoXperia NeoR2,299.99
Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAYSony-PlayR3,599.99
Sony Ericsson Xperia ProXperia-ProR7,299.00
Sony Ericsson Xperia RayRayR2,899.00
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1x1R4,299.99
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 miniX10MiniR1,899.99
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini proX10miniproR2,499.99
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2X2R5,500.00
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8XPERIA X8R3,299.00
Sony Ericsson YariYariR2,899.99
Sony PlayStation 4 500GBps4500R7,199.00
Sony Playstion 3 Slim 120GBSlim120GBR3,699.99
Sony Playstion 3 Slim 250GBSlim250GBR4,100.00
Sony PSPPSPR2,599.00
Sony Smart Watch SW2SW2R2,999.00
Sony Xperia EXperia ER1,789.99
Sony Xperia E1E1R1,999.00
Sony Xperia GOGOR2,899.99
Sony Xperia IonIonR4,899.00
Sony Xperia JXperia JR2,699.99
Sony Xperia LC2105R4,999.00
Sony Xperia MXperiaMR2,699.00
Sony Xperia M2M2R4,899.99
Sony Xperia MiroXperia MiroR2,899.00
Sony Xperia PXperia PR2,999.99
Sony Xperia SXperia SR3,799.99
Sony Xperia SolaSolaR2,999.00
Sony Xperia TXperia TR4,399.99
Sony Xperia T2T2R6,899.00
Sony Xperia Tablet ZTablet ZR8,595.00
Sony Xperia Tipo Dual SimTipo DualR1,899.99
Sony Xperia UXperia UR2,995.00
Sony Xperia VXperia VR4,999.00
Sony Xperia ZXperia ZR6,750.00
Sony Xperia Z LTEXperia Z LTER7,499.99
Sony Xperia Z3 CompactD5833R7,999.00
Sony Xperia Z3 Dual SimD6633R9,899.00
Sony Xperia Z3 LTE EditionD508R9,599.00
Sony Xperia ZLC6502R7,499.00
Vertu Ascent 2010VERTUA-2010R95,000.00
Vertu Ascent AzureVertu Ascent AzureR72,000.00
Vertu Ascent BlackVertu Ascent BlackR69,000.00
Vertu Ascent OrangeVertu Ascent OrangeR69,000.00
Vertu Ascent RedVertu Ascent RedR69,000.00
Vertu Ascent Ti FerrariVertu Ascent Ti FerrariR99,000.00
Vertu Ascent YellowVertu Ascent YellowR69,000.00
Vertu Constellation AyxtaAYXTAR135,000.00
Vodafone 21MB HSDPA K4505 USB ModemK4505R1,499.00
Vodafone 3G PCMCIA Data Carddatacard1R1,499.00
Xperia Z UltraUltraR6,999.00
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