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Samsung GALAXY S4 32GB

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For online order support call us on 011 2178820

All Cellphones purchased from CaCell are brand new and are covered by our 1 Year Warranty unless otherwise stated.

Warranty: This deal comes with a 2 Year Local Samsung Warranty. 

A lot of people are raving for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone, which is set to be available next month. As you all know, Samsung is known to create the best when it comes to technology and this is why people are all raving about the latest Smartphone from Samsung. The Smartphone is equipped with a 5 inch screen display and a brigade of 1080p. The big screen display that it has will allow users to enjoy everything on their screens clearly. The good thing about the screen display that this Smartphone has, is that it is made out of AMOLED. This means that the screen can perfectly adjust its resolution to whatever you are currently doing. Users can definitely see the difference when they start watching movies through the Smartphone from playing their favourite games. This means that no matter what you are doing, the screen will give you the quality that you need in a Smartphone. All the details that you need will be shown through this Smartphone's screen.

Powerful Processor

The powerful processor of the Smartphone Galaxy will let users to experience a faster browsing and navigating experience. The Smartphone from Samsung is equipped with Exynos 1.6GHZ processor, which means that it is an eight core processor. Gone are the days where you are using dual core and quad core processor because the processor of the Smartphone from Samsung, will give you a powerful and smooth Smartphone experience. The powerful processor that this Smartphone has will help the battery to be more efficient, which will avoid the users to charge their Smartphone too often.This Smartphone is also equipped with a RAM of 2GB, which will allow users to multitask smoothly. The 2GB's of RAM will also lets users to do multiple downloads to save more time than usual. 

Enhanced Camera Capabilities

The camera that the Smartphone from Samsung has will let you capture images that are clear as a crystal. This Smartphone is equipped with a 13MP camera, which will help users to produce high quality photos. The Smartphone from Samsung has a 2MP camera for video calling and video chatting. Users may also take photos using the front camera if they please.
Users may also record videos without worrying about their hands being shaky. The video can be enhanced through the Smartphone's settings, for the video to look as if it was recorded by a professional.


The LED IR from this Smartphone will let users control their television channel without the need of using their television's remote control. You can perfectly use your phone to browse through the different channels. All you have to do is to set your phone to be used as a LED IR for your television set.

Noise Cancellation

Now you no longer have to worry about taking calls in a noisy environment because this Smartphone has a feature where you can clean all the noise that comes from your background. This feature will give you the clear quality call that you need, for you to be heard by the other person on the other line. This means that talking to an important client will never be a problem again with this Smartphone cancellation of noise capability.

Air View

This Smartphone from Samsung will allow you to activate your chosen function just by hovering your hand or finger over the icon. You no longer need to touch your screen if you don't feel like doing because the Air View feature will be the one to touch the icon for you. Another great thing that Air View can do is to increase the size of the image if you are planning to edit or just view it. Controls for gestures will also be possible with Air View, which will surely save you from touching your Smartphone's screen.

S Translator

Now even if you don't have a dictionary with you when travelling across the globe, you no longer have to worry because the S Translator is here to translate everything that you need. The S translator can convert different languages such as, English, Portuguese and as well as Spanish. It can translate from text messages from speech or vice versa.

The S Translator will help you talk to different types of people from all over the world without worrying about understanding them, because this feature will help you communicate perfectly with everyone. Now you can travel without the need of brining any dictionaries that can only add up to the weight of your baggage, because with the S Translator you will surely get to understand and translate every language that you need to be able to travel smoothly and enjoyably.

Stay Healthy with S Health

Keep yourself healthy with the Smartphone's S Health application where in it will help you record all the activities that you are doing all throughout the day. The S Health application will help you track all the workouts that you are doing, your intake of food and water and as well as the levels of your weight. You can even schedule your workout, for you to avoid missing working out. The S Health of this Smartphone can also monitor your blood pressure and blood glucose, for you to be able to ensure that your health is in good shape.

Another good thing about the S Health is that you can even include your exercise or walk mate's name for that certain workout. Lastly, the S Health can even monitor your sleeping pattern for you to be able to make sure that you are getting enough sleep. With the S Health application of this Smartphone from Samsung, you will surely get to monitor the status of your health no matter where you are or what you are doing.

These amazing features of Samsung Galaxy S4 will surely be adored by Smartphone users. Experience what advance technology is all about with this amazing Smartphone from Samsung, which will change the way you think about what Smartphone's are capable of.

Available Accessories:
32GB ( + R399.00 )
Original Pouch:
Original Pouch
Samsung GALAXY S4 32GB
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 15 March, 2013.
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