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Samsung GALAXY S4 16GB LTE

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For online order support call us on 011 2178820

All Cellphones purchased from CaCell are brand new and are covered by our 1 Year Warranty unless otherwise stated.

The latest Samsung Smartphone today is the Samsung Galaxy S4, where more and more people are raving about it because of its amazing features. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 5 inch screen display and only weighs 130 grams. The Galaxy S4 is probably the lightest Samsung Galaxy today, which will provide its users a unique experience. The Galaxy S4 from Samsung is equipped with a 1.6GHZ Exynos processor, which is an amazing eight core processor. This processor will surely give you the fastest smartphone experience that no one has ever experienced in all the smartphones that is available in the market today. This S4 is also equipped with 2GB of RAM and has 16GB of internal storage.

Another thing that people should watch out for is the design that the Galaxy S4 has. The banding around this smartphone is made out of metallic, but it's now more premium and sturdier. This means that you can perfectly grip your Smartphone no matter what you are currently doing. The available colours as of now are Misty Black and the Frosty White ones. There are other colourful Galaxy S4 available this year, so people should definitely watch out for these amazing colours.

Network Connectivity

The S4 will allow its users to connect through WIFI or LTE, which is the fastest internet connection today. Browsing your favourite websites and streaming through different websites will never be the same again with the connection that the Galaxy S4 has. You may also download multiple applications without worrying about interrupting other downloads because your connection will allow you to download everything in a very fast pace.

Uploading photo and videos to your social networking accounts can be done in just one click. Now you no longer have to wait too long because of the LTE connection, will let you share your photos and videos to your friends in an instant.

Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy 4 is equipped with the latest google android operating system, Jelly Bean. This updated operating system will allow the Galaxy S4 to use the Touch Wiz application that is available in the other Samsung Smartphones today. The software eye tracking will also be possible with the Jelly Bean operating system, which will surely give you the technology that you are looking for.

Smart Scroll and Smart Pause will also be present with the Galaxy S4, which will give you the ability to use your other senses in the amazing Smartphone from Samsung.

S Voice Drive

This application that can be used in the Galaxy S4 is perfect for drivers who always multitask, even if they are on the road. This application will automatically be activated once you start the engine of your car. If you receive a text message while driving, you no longer have to read it because the S Voice Drive will loudly read the message that you have. If you need to reply, all you have to do is to command and dictate the message that you want to send to your family or friends. The available features for navigation can also be used with the S Voice Drive to make sure that your eyes are always on the road.

Dual Camera

Now you no longer have to flip your phone from front to back because the dual camera that the Galaxy S4 has, will let you capture images from the back and front camera simultaneously. You may choose to blend all the images after or separate them if needed. This dual camera from Galaxy S4 will allow you to capture all the images that you want, to ensure that you have all the necessary photos to keep with you for the future.

Another good thing about the camera's feature is that it will allow you to edit your photos to create a more dramatic image. You may also have the option to edit them all at once, or edit them one by one with different designs to make each and every photo unique.

Group Play

This feature will surely be loved by many because even if you don't have a WIFI connection, you can still enjoy sharing photos and music with the people around you. If you want to play with your friends then that wouldn't be a problem at all because the Group Play feature will allow you to play with everyone with no connection needed. This Group Play feature will surely make bonding with your family and friends enjoyable and entertaining that usual.

Smart Stay

The Smart Stay that is also equipped in this Galaxy S4 will let your phone know whatever you are doing. For instance, if you are currently watching a movie or a video and you suddenly look away from your screen, the video or movie will automatically pause by itself. This will allow you not miss any scenes from the video or movie that you are watching. Once you look at your phone's screen again, the video or movie will automatically play for you to be able to continue watching. This amazing feature will surely make sure that every scene in the video or movie will catch your eye.

Chat On

The Chat ON feature of S4 from Samsung will allow you to stay in touch with your family and friends no matter where you are. All you have to do is to enable your Chat ON for you to be able to start chatting with your loved ones. The Chat On feature will not only allow you to chat with them, but will also let you share your photos and music with them. Communicating and sharing data has never been this easy with the Chat On feature of Galaxy S4 from Samsung.

These are the features of Samsung Galaxy S4 that everyone will surely love to experience. Let yourself experience the goodness that S4 has to offer you and your loved ones. Having these advance features will surely take technology to the next level. Experience seamless connectivity and entertainment with Galaxy S4.

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Samsung GALAXY S4 16GB LTE
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 15 March, 2013.
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