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Apple iPhone 5S Space Gray 16GB

R9,899.00 R8,399.00
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All Cellphones purchased from CaCell are brand new and are covered by our 1 Year Warranty unless otherwise stated.

Cell phones have over time evolved to amazing devices that can help you do just about anything from planning your schedules to remembering things. The era of smartphones has brought with it competition among many phone manufacturers in the world in the bid to ensure that the consumer gets the best quality phone to suit their needs and at reasonable prices. The smartphone tug of war has therefore prompted companies to improve on their phone models or even make new models from scratch so as to stay on top of the game.

There has however been a lot of plethora with most companies promising the world but failing to deliver the same through their products. Apple has been a very popular market giant as far as smart phones are concerned. The IPhone is an Apple smart phone that has been on the market over time pleasing most of its users. Apple has in the past made essential updates to their smart phones ensuring that they stay on top of the game. The IPhone 5S in one of the latest smart phones in the market by Apple. As a matter of fact, it is the newest addition to the IPhone family.

This device is however a revolutionary product much better that all other IPhones in the market today. It has been named the most forward thinking smartphone in the world and offers a 64-bit A-7 chip, an 8 MP iSight camera with a true tone flash. The phone also showcases a new identity fingerprint sensor. It is safe to say that the iPhone 5S has set a new standard for smartphones all over the world. It’s wonderful and refined design and numerous features that people care about and prefer. The new A-7 chip allows you to enjoy twice the performance of the CPU and graphics. The 112g device measures 123.8 by 58.6 by 7.6 mm in dimensions.

Key features

  • Complete user interface overhaul with adaptive colours
  • Sleek icons and folders
  • Dynamic wallpapers
  • Updated Notification Center
  • Apps multitasking with the new card interface
  • Latest Safari browser with unified search filed
  • iTunes radio
  • AirDrop file sharing
  • Inclinometer integrated within the Compass app
  • Camera filters with live preview
  • New Photos app
  • Weather app with live animations
  • Updated Maps with Night mode and Turn-by-Turn walking directions
  • New Siri interface
  • Contact Blacklist
  • FaceTime audio
  • Activation lock
  • Automatic app update
  • Data usage breakdown (a must for all south Africans)
  • Multiple languages


The phone comes with an amazing LED- backlit IPS LCD screen that offers 16M colours. The 4.0 inch screen also offers a 640 x 1136 resolution. The display allows for a multi touch function and is made from Corning Gorilla Glass. An extra oleo phobic coating also ensures that the screen is protected at all times. The screen therefore guarantees quality and clarity as far as photos, videos and games. The interface also offers a friendly interaction with the user through the eased access to programs and applications. The phone also offers a number of slides where you can drag and drop your favourite applications for easier access to them.


The iPhone 5S, like its predecessors is a touch screen phone. The Corning Gorilla glass offers an amazing touch experience while protecting the screen from damage. This reduces its vulnerability to scratches. The phone also have one button at the bottom of the screen. This is the home button. This is different from other smart phone models which do not have buttons most of the times. The touch capability of the iPhone 5S is unmatched since it offers a brilliant one touch ability that most phones don’t.


As mentioned earlier, the A-7 chip in the machine allows it to double its graphics and CPU performance. The devices also uses an iOS 7 operating system that allows for the use of several useful apps. The phone also possesses the new M7 motion coprocessor that collects data from the gyroscope, accelerometer and compass so at to reduce the workload of the A-7 . This results in improved power efficiency. The new CoreMotion APIs are also available to developers. They take advantage of the M7 to allow you to make even better activity and fitness apps than any other mobile phone can offer. Touch ID TM is also another reason why the iPhone 5S is an amazing choice. It allows you to unlock your phone with the touch of one finger. It uses a sapphire crystal cut by a laser coupled with a capacitive touch sensor to take a high resolution picture of your fingerprint and analyse it intelligently to give an accurate reading at any angle.

Sound check

The Apple iPhone 5S offers amazing sound clarity and quality either for music, videos of just regular calls. The phone has a loudspeaker feature that allow for its use hands free as well as a 3.5mm jack that lets you plug headphones or stereos in. The phone integrates louder volumes and proper bass quality making sure that you enjoy your music to the fullest. The incoming and outgoing calls mouth and earpiece also offer unmatched clarity. Similarly, the ringtones are clear and with sufficient volume ensuring that you do not miss your calls because you didn’t hear your phone ring.


The Apple iPhone 5S comes with an amazing 8MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels primary camera and a dual LED True Tone flash. The camera features a large f/2.2 aperture and an even better sensor enabling it to be more sensitive and able to work even in low light. It also has a 1.2MP, 720p secondary camera that runs face detection as well as face time over cellular or Wi-Fi. The camera has a 1080p video feature @30fps as well as a 720p video feature @ 120fps. This video feature delivers a very important video stabilization function giving you very clear and neat videos as a product.


The Apple iPhone 5S will be an amazing upgrade from any smartphone in the market currently. It offers great new feature that are easy to use and which ensure that you get the best in terms of performance and even security. The amazing features found in this new phone make it a lot better than its predecessors as well as other smartphones in the market currently. The feature highlighted above are just but a few reasons as to why you should switch up you smartphone for the iPhone 5S. The extended battery life, doubled performance rate not to mention the amazing picture, video and sound quality makes it the ultimate entertainment phone. Similarly, the iOS 7 operating system that allows for the installation of numerous app, most of them for free, makes it an ideal work phone as well. When it comes to phones, it is important to get it right the first time and that’s exactly what you will be doing by switching or rather upgrading to the new Apple iPhone 5S.

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1 Year
Apple iPhone 5S Space Gray 16GB
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 10 September, 2013.
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